Tuesday, May 01, 2012

April Wrap-Up

101 miles run
14.05 miles hiked
115.05 total
3 races (Towpath 5-Miler, Run Cbus 10-Miler, Fleet Feet 5k)
6 yoga sessions (3 class, 3 at-home)

Sure, I can complain about some things, but overall, not a bad month. My pace is kind of slow because of the long runs and the trail runs, so I'm not going to worry about that. And technically my races were all PRs (the 10-miler was a new distance; the other two were just PRs - after long runs the day before!).

I definitely do not feel much progress in speed. I hope that tapering for the Cleveland Half will excite my legs (haha), and then after that, my mileage will likely drop - and my speedwork will increase. I'm really enjoying getting out on the trails more (whether walking, hiking or running) so I expect to add in more of that.

My original goals for April:

4 runs/week (16 total) - CHECK! And I totally forgot that I wanted to do 16 runs, and I did it anyway.
1 yoga/week (4 total) - CHECK! And exceeded.
1 strength/week (4 total) - hmmm... yoga counts as strength too, so let's say halfway there.

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