Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Columbus Half-Marathon Race Plan

I'm not very good at race plans, nor am I very good at racing. In any case, I'm thinking ahead to Sunday. The temps look good (even cold, especially at the beginning), so the weather shouldn't be an issue. I need to figure out what I'm going to wear, but I'm thinking light long sleeves, Kinvara 6 and either shorts + compression socks/sleeves or capris.

But more importantly, let's talk goals. There is only one: sub-2. I've never been one to have A, B and C goals or "just finish." But I'll try:

  • A Goal: 1:59:59 or faster
  • B Goal: PR, so under 2:03
  • C Goal: there is no C goal; anything under a PR will be a giant disappointment, and I pity my friends who will be with me

Sub-2 pace is 9:09/mile, provided you actually run 13.1 miles. My coach recommended using my watch and lapping at the mile markers on the course (turning off the auto-mile). I tend to run long, so using the course markers and manually lapping might be helpful there. I will start at 9:09 and hopefully speed up after the first few miles, maybe something like this:

First 5 miles: 9:09
Middle 5 miles: 9:00
Final 5k: 8:50

1:58:13, 9:01 pace if my math is right. I would be happy with that performance, especially if I could pull off that plan.

So curious to see how this goes!

(And I'm looking forward to post-race festivities and more casual running -- and more trails!)

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