Monday, October 12, 2015

Weekly Recap: Week 17 of Half-Marathon Training with Hansons

I've never tapered more than a week for a half-marathon, but I've never done a training cycle this intense. Hansons advocates a 10-day taper actually. The schedule had 44 miles for this week, but going into the week, I knew I was going to cut that just a bit. In fact, the week actually got away from me. On Sunday, I took my first (only) unscheduled rest day of this training cycle.

Walking Mileage: 4.2 miles
Running Mileage: 30.3 miles

So I'm getting my rest!

Monday: 9 miles with 5x1M repeats at 8:37, Saucony Kinvara 6
Target: 6x1M repeats at 5k-10k pace
I decided to start reducing the mileage a bit, so I started with this workout. I probably should have pushed through for the last repeat, but I took off too fast and struggled to complete the fifth one. I was off-pace for the last one (8:50), but I'm not going to stress. Also, I should have chosen a different location or had a better plan. I ran on a section of the Bike & Hike that's only about 3 miles long and even that 3 miles includes crossing a rather busy road. I need something longer for workouts like this.

In shoe news, I'm now considering running the race in the 6s,

Tuesday: 2-mile walk at lunch, 6 miles, easy after work
Target: 7 miles, easy 
With the cooler weather and lighter running schedule, I've taken to walking during lunch. I look silly (like a 1980s working girl with my dress and running shoes), but it's nice to get outside for 30 minutes or so. After work, I headed to the Bike & Hike near work and mostly ran in the neighborhoods connected to it. I needed a change of scenery.

Wednesday: 8 miles with 5 at 9:05 pace, Saucony Kinvara 6
Target: 8 miles with 5 at HM pace 
While accomplished to spec, this workout didn't go as well as hoped. Because I wasn't feeling well, I didn't eat beforehand, and I never replaced the gel in my handheld that I used Monday -- so I was hungry. But this run officially ushered in the taper, and for that, I am grateful. I wasn't feeling that well and was a little under-hydrated.

Thursday: 2-mile walk at lunch, 2.5-miles dog running, Newton Fate
Target; 6 miles, easy 
Another instance of purposely lowering mileage. It's hard to get too much mileage with the dogs, but it is a workout! Probably more of a workout than I should have done, but it's fun. We spent some time working with a pit bull who is afraid of strangers; then we took out the same girls we had last week. They were full of the energy and good times. Firmly in taper mode now.

Friday: rest 

Saturday: 4.4-mile trail race, 10:30 pace, Saucony Peregrine
Target: 8 miles, easy 
I did this race knowing full well that my weekend mileage would be lower than normal. I wasn't sure if I'd do any mileage beforehand, and well, when I don't commit to something like that, it's not likely to happen. The weather was perfect, but my intention was not to run my hardest and I didn't. It was fun, and I'm looking forward to the next one.

Sunday: unplanned rest
Target: 5 miles, easy
Saturday night, we had a party up in Cleveland. I didn't overindulge, but we didn't get home until after midnight. On Sunday, we needed to be out of the house around 8am to go get my birthday present (!!!). I'd planned to get in some running beforehand, but that didn't happen. I was exhausted.

Upcoming week:
I will probably reduce this mileage a little bit and maybe throw in a few pace miles. I do want to get in some dog running this week as well.

  • Monday: 5 miles, easy
  • Tuesday: 5 miles, easy
  • Wednesday: 5 miles, easy
  • Thursday: 6 miles, easy
  • Friday: rest
  • Saturday: 3 miles, shakeout
  • Sunday: 15.1 miles, race

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