Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Speed Workout: 8x600s

I finished last night's speed workout a sweaty mess, so that's good. And I hit the intervals within range, so that's good as well. But I didn't do the workout as prescribed:

1.5 warmup
8x600s with 400 recovery (8:21 to 8:42 pace)
1.5 cooldown

It was storming, so I moved my workout to the treadmill, which made it a little more complicated. I made myself a little spreadsheet to keep track of when to change the paces (.37 miles ≈ 600 meters), but after the first repeat, I didn't really follow that. I planned to do the eight repeats like this:

2 at 6.9 mph (8:42)
2 at 7.0 mph (8:34)
2 at 7.1 mph (8:27)
2 at 7.2 mph (8:20)

And I *did* those, but I'm clearly not in shape for that because I felt it necessary to walk the recovery. Then I felt guilty for walking, so I shortened the recovery, roughly by half. So after the first interval, I think I did the .37 at pace and then .13 walking recovery.

I ended up with 7.25 miles (≈ 1.5 warmup, intervals, 1.37 cooldown). Not the biggest fail, but it's also not the best interpretation of the workout.

Coming up tomorrow is my first pace run, and I'm curious to see if I can hold half-marathon pace for three miles. There's no real reason that I shouldn't be able to. The pace is 9:09, and I've set my watch for 9:00 to 9:15. It's just 3 miles, and on Saturday -- not really trying during the Thirsty Dog 8k -- I ran my last two consecutive miles under that pace. Eventually I want to do my pace runs at Sand Run, but I think I'll do the first one on the Towpath to set myself up for success.

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