Monday, June 29, 2015

Upcoming Week

My mileage goes up to 34 miles this week, and the workout mileage is less, which makes me happy. Here's the schedule for this week:
  • Monday: 4 miles, easy (10:10 to 11:52)
  • Tuesday: 7 miles with speedwork 8x600s (8:21 to 8:42 pace) with 400 recovery
  • Wednesday: 5 miles, easy (10:10 to 11:52)
  • Thursday: 6 miles with three at half-marathon pace (9:09)
  • Friday: rest
  • Saturday: 6 miles, easy (10:10 to 11:52)
  • Sunday: 5 miles, easy (10:10 to 11:52)
  • I'm not as intimidated by Tuesday's speedwork, and I really, really hope I can hit the paces. The intervals are a little longer, but there are fewer. We'll see.
  • I'm kind of looking forward to Thursday's pace run. I have no idea if I can do it. I set my watch for 9:00 to 9:15 for the pace miles -- I figure it's early enough in the training cycle that I can be a little slower if necessary. 
  • There may be some moving around of runs since Friday is a holiday. Sunday could end up being my rest day this week. 
  • I really need to get my weight under control. 

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