Monday, March 30, 2015

Team Zealot!

Earlier this year, I applied to be part of Team Zealot, which is Saucony's ambassador team for run-specialty employees. If you hang out with me at all, you know how much I love my Kinvaras or Breeze vest, so I was really excited to be chosen as part of the team. In fact, I wore my Viziglo Kinvaras, the Saucony Impulse short and the Saucony Breeze vest (with a tech tee I can't remember) for my marathon back in October. The Zealot program is a great opportunity to represent a brand I really believe in while working with the training programs and while running and doing races.

As part of the team, I received an awesome box of Saucony gear last week. It included new Zealots, Triumphs and Originals and a bunch of apparel. I will try to do some reviews because it's pretty cool stuff. I've already worn the Zealots (just for a walk though), the Originals and some of the apparel including the awesome Scoot Mini Capri (I wore the black, but I have the orange chevron that I'm saving for a special occasion -- or an occasion where I'll be photographed!).

BTW, me wearing a Saucony shirt
was a total coincidence. 
I'm really looking forward to my year with Saucony, which was going to happen with or without Team Zealot. The Kinvara is updating April 1 so you know I'll be buying a pair of those. I think I'm also going to get a pair of the Peregrine trail shoes. I should do that asap since I do have a trail race coming up very soon!

It's really nice that a middle-of-the-packer like me can get an opportunity like this. This is the first year for the program, and I would love to see them open it up to the general population (not just run-specialty employees) in the future.

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