Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring Schedule

I haven't done many races since October's marathon (hmmm, where's that recap?). I did the Bernie Shuffle right after (untimed fun run), the Home Run for the Homeless (I think I PRed, but barely) and the Shamrock 15k a couple of weeks ago (about 35 seconds slower than last year, which is disappointing, but expected).

But spring is filling up, and I possess a disturbing lack of preparation.

First up is Athens Half Marathon on April 19. I had all of these visions of finally going under 2 hours, but now I'm not sure I can even PR (2:03). I'm just going to go out at 9-minute miles and try to hold on. (That didn't work well last year when I was in better shape, so I'm not sure why it will work this year.)

Next is the worst idea ever: Salt Fork Spring Challenge on Saturday, May 9, which 10.4 miles of trails. Real trails. I am not prepared, and that's in 6 weeks or so. There isn't a whole lot I can do with less than 6 weeks, but I'll do another post on that.

The week after Salt Fork is the Cleveland Half Marathon on Sunday, May 17. I do not intend this to be a goal race at all. I'm just going to wing it. I will likely still be very tired from Salt Fork, and the week between will be spent recovering. I will probably run with someone from the group, and I'll figure that out depending on how I feel.

I don't know that I will get a spring 5k in, but perhaps. I can't see how I could PR. Aaron's working the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, which is when we usually do the Marietta 5k.

So spring is set!

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