Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I can't believe that I haven't introduced Duncan!

We don't know his story before we got him, but I'm happy we did. He hasn't warmed up to us completely, although he's friendly and sweet, just not really cuddly yet. But he LOVES Valentino. He's like Tino's little brother. He follows him around, likes to be right next to him ALL THE TIME. 

After Winston died, Valentino was clearly lonely. He and Dubs were besties, and Tino had never been without him. Aaron and I started talking about bringing on a friend. I ended up at Petsmart by myself one day. BIG mistake. Well, not really -- that's how we ended up with Duncan. Valentino was NOT happy with the new cat at first. We learned that he indeed can hiss and growl. Luckily after a week, he was okay with Duncan. Now they play and wrestle, although sometimes I think Tino isn't playing.

Duncan is still jumpy around us (more Aaron than me though), and he doesn't 100% trust us yet. It appears he was a stray/feral and abused in some manner, but he's relaxing. He has Tino so he's happy. He's starting to seek out attention from us more, which is appreciated. (And yes, he clearly eats his feelings.)

There are a couple of odd things about Duncan. One is that his ear was cropped to identify him as neutered. That's common in trap-neuter-release programs, less common for shelters and rescues, but not uncommon. There's also this "bad leg." We're not sure if there's nerve damage or what. When I took him to the vet, the nail was super-long, so that was part of it. He still doesn't seem to have as much control over it. That is getting better, though, so we're just keeping an eye on it for now. It doesn't affect his ability to run, jump and play; he just slides and slips occasionally.

We've had him for just over five weeks now, and we're all settling in. Duncan still doesn't feel like OUR cat yet, but he will! I'm enjoying getting to know him.

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