Tuesday, July 29, 2014

NFIM Training - Week 3

Week 3 was another success!

Goal: 39 miles, no workouts, 14-mile long run
Reality: 39 miles, no workouts, 14-mile long run

  • Monday: off. After rally times and running Sunday evening (even though it was a paltry 3.5 miles), I was tired Monday. I got lazy.
  • Tuesday: 8-mile easy run in the morning (1:20); 1.5-mile NoBo run. I didn't exactly intend to run 8 miles on Tuesday morning, but I ran around. Once I got to the park, I felt better so I decided to do the 2-mile trail loop in the park and then head home. Given 2 miles on trails, a 10-minute pace is good.
  • Wednesday: strength-training in the morning; 4-mile hill run w/ HM group (35:15). That's definitely the fastest I have run the hill. Now I want to do it under 35. 
  • Thursday: off. I planned it. 
  • Friday: 8-mile easy run (1:19). Originally I didn't intend to do another 8-mile run, but one of the girls in the HM group couldn't run on Saturday so I told her I'd join her. It was a perfect morning for running.
  • Saturday: 3.5-mile run (2 miles in 19 + NoBo). With 14 on the schedule for Sunday, I just wanted to do enough mileage to get my 39 miles for the week. So I did.
  • Sunday: 14-mile long run (2:21). A few people from the HM group couldn't run on Saturday, so they planned to do 8 or 9 on Sunday. I planned ahead for that and did 5 beforehand and then 9 with them. It was HUMID. I swear, it was the sweatiest I've ever been, but overall, this was successful. I ran the last 5 miles under a 10-minute pace, so overall, win. 
Ideally, I would have run six days, but with two 8-mile runs, five was the magic number. This week will be similar for the week, but I'm doing my 16-mile long run on Friday. By myself. Entirely by myself. I'm nervous. 

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