Thursday, May 08, 2014

RIP, Winston Cat

I don't want to recap training -- it was fine last week -- because something terrible happened early this morning: We had to put Winston Cat to sleep.

Last known picture of Winston, taken late Saturday night
He was seriously the sweetest cat in the world. He was pretty much the only good thing that came from my first job in 1997, and I was so lucky to find him/him to find me.

I don't feel like recapping everything, but heart murmur and heart disease and blood clot in leg -- all very bad for a 17-year-old kitty. I'm glad we were home when it happened. I can't imagine him spending the entire day with his leg paralyzed due to the clot.

I don't feel like I took enough pictures of him, and it seems like most of my pictures of him are with Valentino, who was definitely his bestie. Poor Tino Bug is home alone for the first time.

I can't tell you how many times I came home to variations of these.
They LOVED each other so much.

Dallas even tolerated Winston hanging out with her.

Early to mid-2000s, Phoenix

One of the best things Dubbies did was convince Aaron that cats are awesome.

And then there was one.

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