Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Marathon Training

I have started thinking about looking for a marathon program. That's progress, right? I need a first-time marathon program, but not a beginner program. I also want it to line up with K who is also doing the marathon.

So many requirements, including actually accomplishing the long runs FOR ME.

I will consider this morning's annual checkup as my first step in marathon training. I even got an EKG - normal - and my blood pressure was 120/68. I'll get my blood work done on Friday, and hopefully that will be normal as well. Actually if it shows a Vitamin D deficiency, that would be okay too -- it would explain the fatigue. It would be nice to get that taken care of before training really starts.

 I'm also concerned I'm anemic again, but I'll know that soon enough too.

This week's training has been going okay. Nothing crazy, but I feel relatively accomplished: hill run, pilates, speedy 3-miler. I'll probably take it easy on tonight's run so that I can get up tomorrow and hit the gym before work and get in a good run after work.

 So much running. But to take a little break from that, I'm going to work on my freelance project a bit before heading to the store.

 Happy Wednesday!

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