Monday, October 07, 2013

Cleveland RnR Half-Marathon

Let's pretend that I post ALL THE TIME, so here's my workout roundup.

Monday: Run 4 miles with 3 mile-repeats (8:42, 8:29, 8:19)
Tuesday: Run 3 miles + strength (THE GYM!)
Wednesday: Run 3 miles
Thursday: Off
Friday: Run 3 miles
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Cleveland RnR Half-Marathon

26+ miles for the week plus one strength session. So just fine...

Yesterday was my ninth half-marathon, and I actually managed to PR it despite less-than-stellar training over the summer. I ran with one of the girls from the group, and I probably slowed her down! Or can I pretend that I held her back so she could finish strong? Anyhow, I'm pretty pleased. It wasn't an easy course, and a lot of people had bad days out there.

Erin and I after the race.
(I actually beat Aaron, which is unheard of and will likely never happen again!)

It looked like it was going to be a truly awful day, and the weather ended up okay. It was humid and warm, but it wasn't raining like originally expected. I tried not to complain, and I was relatively successful with that. It was also hillier than I expected, although I don't know what I expected since I didn't really look at the course! It was fine, I pushed through.

And friends, do the hill training.

This was my second Rock 'n' Roll event (I did the DC half in 2012). The course was well-supported, the expo was fine (smaller than the Rite Aid Cleveland race), and the course was okay, but these are expensive races. You were ushered through the post-race snacks rather quickly and you couldn't go back - I ended up with just a bottle of Gatorade.

The course seemed too similar to the Rite Aid course, although there were more hills. I didn't find it as hilly as other people did, but it wasn't easy. My legs are tired today, and my hips are tight and sore. I actually had trouble putting my foot on my knee so I could stretch my IT band. And I'm still not sure I can touch my toes for longer than 5 seconds.

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