Monday, July 08, 2013

What a great weekend!

After I got over my crankiness about working on Friday, I got on with my weekend, and it was really, really nice.

Friday night: We stayed in, I made tacos and we watched tv. The only annoyance was that at 4 am, our neighbors' daughter's party got out of control (she's 21-ish; her parents weren't home). There were about 20 20-something guys in the street, making a bunch of noise (and it's hard for us to hear anything with the new windows and brick house). There was nearly a fight or two, but eventually everything settled down and nothing got damaged. We didn't see the daughter the rest of the weekend, though. (Probably hungover.)

Saturday: We got up early to meet the group for a five-mile "long" run. It's funny that five isn't long anymore. Anyhow, our neighbor's truck was in the driveway when we got up, but it was gone when we left. Wonder what that was all about? The run went well, and after, we got some breakfast with a friend and then ran some errands.

Saturday afternoon, we headed to Kent. It was the Kent Heritage Festival, and Patrick Sweany always returns home to do a free show at the Zephyr. It.Was.Awesome (as bloggers like to format things).

The only thing not awesome was me dancing in heels for four hours. We followed the show up with barbecue, ice cream and an early bedtime because...

We had a 5k Sunday morning with a couple of friends. No PR, but I did get second in my age group.

Small races are the best.

Aaron got third in his age group, and so did a friend of ours. Ridiculous.

Actually, Aaron's time was ridiculous: unofficially 24:18. Amazing.

We followed up the race with a visit to Aaron's dad's house and dinner at the Beer Engine. Can't go wrong with that.

(Notice there was *no* riding. That isn't good.)

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