Monday, April 01, 2013

Spring TRAINing Run

Saturday was our self-prescribed endurance challenge:

  • 10 miles with the half-marathon group
  • + 6.6 miles for the Spring TRAINing Run
The Spring TRAINing Run was a "beat the train" race benefiting the Cuyahoga Valley National Park Conservancy. There's a train that runs through the CVNP, and on Saturday, the idea was that you run from Brecksville to Peninsula on the Towpath and then take the train back to Brecksville. 

We chose not to ride the train back so that we could have more control over our schedule. The race was at 10:30, and the train departs Peninsula at 12:25 or 3:15 - we were concerned the first time was too early and the second time was too late. Luckily our running friend/coach lives in Peninsula so we dropped off the GTI and rode with her to Brecksville for the 10-miler. 

Overall, it was a pretty nice race. We chose the early start at 10:30, and technically I beat the train - but only because of that early start! 
  • 10 miles at 10:54 average
  • 6.6 miles at 10:32 average 
  • = 16.6 miles at 10:46 average - and I'm okay with that!
Aaron was much faster - I think he ended up with a sub-10 average. I was running by myself for the 6.6 miles and just couldn't motivate myself to go harder.

My one complaint was the guy who won the race. We finished at the same time (he started 30 minutes after I did). Typically on the Towpath, you move to the right so that people can pass on your left. I heard him behind me, so I moved more to the right - then he pushed me to the left and went around my right side. I was pretty pissed off about that and may have yelled at him as he was running toward the finish line. He shrugged. Whatever.

In any case, I'm pleased with the way my body handled 16.6 miles. I took yesterday off, and I lifted weights this morning. I did have a little fatigue during box jumps so I cut those from my usual 36 down to 25. After work, I'll run. I'm thinking easy miles - with 30-second sprints every 5 minutes - is the way to go.

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