Monday, February 04, 2013

And so begins another month

Pretty solid week of working out, but my mileage was a little off since I cut the long run short on Saturday. It was 14 degrees and snowing  and my hands were killing me! I'm going to have to do something about that if I want to continue running with the group.

Monday: strength
Tuesday: yoga + 5.3-mile easy run
Wednesday: strength + 3-mile easy run (HM group)
Thursday: 6.3-mile interval run
Friday: strength
Saturday: 5-mile easy run (4 miles for the HM group)
Sunday: rest

Just under 20 miles. I'm not going to dwell on it too much, but I was 5.4 miles off the plan's mileage. Kind of frustrating, especially because I know that I won't get in a long run this week either. The plan for this week:

Monday: strength + 6-mile tempo run (or mile repeats)
Tuesday: yoga + easy run
Wednesday: strength + 3-mile easy run (HM group)
Thursday: 5- to 6-mile easy run
Friday: rest or walk
Saturday: 5-mile easy run (HM group)
Sunday: 10k trail race (which is why there's no strength-training on Friday)

I guess I should recap January briefly:

  • 101.85 miles
  • 19 runs -- and 13 of those on the treadmill :(
  • 1 trail race
  • 2 interval runs, 2 tempo runs, 1 hill run
  • 2 yoga (weird - thought I had three for sure)
  • 9 strength (NINE!!!)

Not too shabby. Glad to see that I'm sticking to a strength-training routine. 

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