Thursday, February 07, 2013

My workouts this week have already changed:

  •  Monday: strength + 6-mile tempo run (or mile repeats) - didn't have time after work to run, nor did I have the energy for a tempo run
  • Tuesday: yoga + easy run - 7-mile TM tempo run
  • Wednesday: strength + 3-mile easy run (HM group) - evening and lunch plans, so rest day
  • Thursday: 5- to 6-mile easy run - strength + easy TM run (length determined by how much time I have)
  • Friday: rest or walk - definitely will do some light cardio
  • Saturday: 5-mile easy run (HM group) 
  • Sunday: 10k trail race - slight possibility of additional mileage
It'll be okay. This month includes a trip to Florida, so I expect the mileage to drop off a bit. That just means I'll have to be really dedicated in March so that I'm prepared for the April race.

Last night, instead of running with the half-marathon group, we headed up to Cleveland for a night at the improv. Now, stand-up comedy isn't really my thing, but my friend just completed a workshop (I think this it) and last night was the graduation performance. 11 amateur comedians with 5 minutes on-stage. There was a preacher comic, which was amusing. I'm not exactly religious, so I'm not sure how "believers" would feel about him, but I thought his acronym understanding was kinda funny: OMFG = Oh My Father God. WTF = Walk the Faith. 

I had never been to a comedy club before (obviously since I don't really like stand-up), but it was just like you see on TV: small tables, brick wall. There were servers throughout (which seems really hard to serve in the dark!). We didn't eat dinner, but we did get an appetizer and two beers. One nice thing: Tip was included in the bill, which we didn't realize when we paid it -- and the server came out, pointed it out and asked if we wanted him to redo the bill (so of course, we said no and he got to keep the extra). 

All in all, it wasn't bad way to spend the evening. I wasn't bored or offended, so I consider that a win! 

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