Wednesday, January 02, 2013

A Year in Review: Reading

I read 23 books in 2012 - that's not even 2 books a month (tough math, I know). That's at least more than what I read in 2011 (19), but fewer than 2010 (30). I started out strong, hit the reading swamp in the middle of the year and then finished strong.

Apparently I only read one five-star book (Columbine) and I read several dystopian novels. Toward the end of the year, I read several mysteries, mostly by the same two authors (Gillian Flynn and Heather Gudenkauf). I also started using my iPad for reading a lot more.

Finished Title Author Rating
01-01-12 Julie and Julia Powell, Julie 2/5
01-15-12 Long Run, The Shubaly, Mishka 3/5
01-21-12 Borrower, The Makkai, Rebecca 3/5
01-23-12 Future of Us, The Asher, Jay & Mackler, Carolyn 3/5
02-01-12 Tiger, Tiger Fragoso, Margaux 3/5
02-10-12 Road, The McCarthy, Cormac 3/5
05-31-12 Year of the Flood, The Atwood, Margaret 4/5
07-08-12 Shift Bailey, Em 3/5
07-28-12 Poison Tree, The Kelly, Erin 4/5
07-29-12 Dirty Secret Sholl, Jessie 3/5
08-10-12 What Alice Forgot Moriarty, Liane 4/5
08-19-12 Gone Girl Flynn, Gillian 4/5
08-30-12 Green Heart Hoffman, Alice 4/5
09-03-12 Life at Full Throttle Guthrie, Janet 4/5
09-28-12 Water for Elephants Gruen, Sara 3/5
10-17-12 Weight of Silence, The Gudenkauf, Heather 3/5
10-26-12 Sharp Objects Flynn, Gillian 4/5
11-20-12 Dark Places Flynn, Gillian 4/5
11-20-12 These Things Hidden Gudenkauf, Heather 4/5
12-07-12 One Breath Away Gudenkauf, Heather 3/5
12-16-12 So Much Pretty Hoffman, Cara 4/5
12-20-12 What Happened to Sophie Wilder Beha, Christopher 2/5
12-28-13 Columbine Cullen, Dave 5/5

Those links go to my GoodReads reviews. I probably should have linked to the blog post where applicable, but that was just too much work.

I'm finishing up my first book for 2013 (Girls in White Dresses) and then will start on Cruddy. I'm looking forward to reading more in 2013!

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