Friday, November 02, 2012

Hi, November!

I started a post yesterday about November, but well, it seemed so damn repetitive that I stopped.

October, by the numbers:

  • Ran 83.93 miles
  • Walked or hiked 10.25 miles
  • Did 16 runs, including 5 trail runs, 3 interval runs and 2 hill runs
  • Raced once
  • Yoga'd twice and strength-trained three times
  • Rested 10 days 
Rested 10 days? Seems like a lot, but I guess that means I worked out in some fashion 21 times. And I won't list my pace because it's slooooow, especially with those trail runs. But if you look at my DailyMile, you can see how slowly I've been running. That makes it sound like I'm ever fast -- I really just mean that I'm not picking up speed. 

In any case, looking at my rough goals for October, I failed and definitely didn't hit 30 miles/week. I still want to get to that baseline, but I wonder, should it be running or running and walking/hiking? As winter comes, it probably becomes a bit of a moot point because a lot of my walk/hikes are during lunch time and the trails I like will become difficult/impossible at times. Anyhow...

November goals:
  • Run 100-120 miles
  • Walk/hike 15 miles
  • Yoga 3 or 4 times
  • Strength-train 3 or 4 times
There are a couple of races on tap for November (the second in the OhioOutside trail series and the Home Run for the Homeless on Thanksgiving. There's another trail race on Nov. 24 that I'm interested in, but it's the Saturday after Thanksgiving and I'm not sure what our plans are for the weekend. 

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