Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Goodbye October

As October comes to a close, I find myself a little disappointed. Mileage has dropped -- which is probably okay -- but my left leg/hip/hamstring/IT band keeps whimpering at me. Usually nothing bad and nothing that sticks around, but it's irritating.

What is also irritating is the seemingly endless rain, although I suppose I'm a selfish asshole for complaining about it since it was brought on by Sandy.

I took yesterday off, and today, I will do a double workout: weights at lunch and treadmill after work. I find it difficult to do "easy runs" on the treadmill because it's so dreadfully boring and doing intervals makes it less so. I guess I'll do longer intervals so that it'll be easier on my body. Maybe. Really, when I'm on the treadmill, I just do whatever it takes to get the run done. If I can find a good show, maybe I could just zone out with 11-minute miles?

As for November, there's some traveling, but that shouldn't impact my workouts too bad. The holiday is no big deal since I don't care much about diet. I have considered trying to streak November, but given the cranky left leg -- and my general laziness and inability to follow-through with anything -- a mileage goal is probably better. Let's go with 110 miles. That's higher than where I've been and higher than I've ever gone for a month, but it's not 30 miles/week.

And, of course, as usual, I'm hoping for yoga and strength-training on the regular.

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