Friday, September 07, 2012

My taper excuse

I'm tapering this week for Sunday's half-marathon - but really, I'm just being lazy and paranoid. I ran twice - 4 miles and 3 miles - and that's it. I was going to run this morning, but I chose to sleep in a little and get coffee with Aaron.

I could say I was saving my legs, but really I was cuddling with Aaron and Dallas. (I probably should have run because I bought new toe socks that  I wanted to try, but I guess I'll just take my chances and run the HM in them. I know, I know - nothing new on race day, but I don't care.)

I'm a little nervous about the HM, mostly because I really, really want to PR it. That's sub-2:14. One of our running group guys wants to do sub-2:15, so we're going to run together. He's training for a marathon, so he hasn't tapered this week; he'll still be faster than I if he wants. Part of me just wants to run with someone from the other group and help them get through their first HM, but as Aaron says, I haven't been running long enough not to try to PR.

August was a decent month for me, running-wise. I had some good runs. I felt good during the Parkersburg HM, and it seemed like, on an easier course, I could have PRed. So now, with the River Run as my last HM for 2012, I need to PR.

I'm going to be so sad if I don't.

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