Monday, September 10, 2012

Long races are DONE for 2012.

I'll recap the River Run later. I think seeing the splits is essential to seeing where I totally screwed up. (Spoiler: It wasn't my worst race, but I fell a couple of minutes short of my goal.)

This week is recovery week, so I'm mostly playing it by how I feel (I feel stiff today):

Monday: rest or walk
Tuesday: yoga, maybe an easy 3
Wednesday: easy 5
Thursday: easy 3 or 4
Friday: rest or walk
Saturday: easy long (10ish)
Sunday: rest, walk or easy 3 or 4

And then it's on for the rest of 2012. No more long races. My 5.5 leg of the Akron relay is probably the longest. I'm going to do a few 5-mile trail races, the usual 4-mile Thanksgiving race and that's about it. Maybe a 5k or another 5-miler.

No more long races. I don't think it's possible to redeem myself this year. What is possible: upping my mileage (I want to be at 30 miles/week reguarly) and forcing myself to do harder runs. Then I'll be better set for winter's training for spring's half-marathons.

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