Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fiona Apple

Friday night, I got to see Fiona Apple again! She really puts on a good show, although watching her perform makes me feel a little like a voyeur. When she's really into something, I almost feel like I'm interrupting. It's strange. She's both engaging and awkward, but she's genuine (or so it seems), which matters most.

Source: The Plain Dealer
Her band was fantastic, and she seemed to have a nice rapport with them. I wonder if they feel like they're taking care of her? She always seems on the edge of a breakdown. Fiona and band played a ton of songs, although (of course) there were songs I would have loved to hear (Parting Gift and Mistake for starters), but she closed with a cover of Conway Twitty's It's Only Make Believe. The BEST version I've ever heard. It was fantastic and totally made the show.

One thing I really liked was how Fiona played a variety of songs from each of her albums. It wasn't heavy on the new album, and I wouldn't have minded a little more - especially if something could have replaced Carrion, which is one of my least favorite Fiona songs; Slow Like Honey is probably my least favorite. It feels a bit like betrayal to admit there are Fiona songs I don't care for.

Set list: 

  • Fast as You Can 
  • On the Bound 
  • Shadowboxer 
  • Paper Bag 
  • Anything We Want Get
  • Gone Sleep to Dream 
  • Extraordinary Machine 
  • Werewolf 
  • Tymps (The Sick in the Head Song) 
  • Daredevil I Know 
  • Every Single Night 
  • Not About Love 
  • Carrion 
  • Criminal 
  • It’s Only Make Believe (encore)

The show was at Cain Park in Cleveland Heights, and we had kick-ass seats. It's a great venue, although it seems like it's used more with an older crowd. I'd love to go back - when it's not 90+ at 9pm! If I hadn't been so into the show, I could have taken some good pictures or video. 

In any case, Fiona proved again that she is a can't-miss performer - especially because she only does a new album every 6-7 years!

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