Monday, July 09, 2012

The Wrap-Up

I am ashamed: I did not go up to Cleveland's Mods vs. Rockers this weekend, not for a single event.

Friday night, we saw Fiona Apple (recap coming tomorrow). While we could have stopped by the meet-and-greet afterward, we really needed to get to bed. We had a 7am start for our group run. I had 11 on my schedule, the ones training for the marathon had 12, and a couple of other people cut the run shorter, like 9 or 10. IT WAS BRUTAL. I did 11.5, and they were SLOW. There was lots of walking, and I didn't stop my watch to rest or anything so my total time was 2:22 or so.

(I am afraid of the Parkersburg half-marathon.)

Afterward, Aaron and I headed home to shower. We geared up (god, so hot) and headed out to lunch. I hadn't been wearing my contact lenses so I was wearing my glasses, which means no sunglasses. We got some lunch at Mr. Zubs, and I debated whether I was going to ride up to Cleveland.

I just wasn't feeling it, so as we dropped into the valley, I turned off to head home. And immediately regretted, so I tried to catch Aaron, which was impossible. I ended up just heading home where I watched the last couple of episodes of The United States of Tara (SUCH a good show - how the heck was it not renewed?!). Aaron wasn't up in Cleveland for very long, really.

We took it easy Saturday night. I think both of us were eager to get some sleep. We headed over to Kent to check out the festival. Ray's and Taco Tonto's were packed, so we ended up getting Mexican away from downtown. Afterward, we picked up a six-pack and went home to watch The Expendables (not a good movie, but entertaining enough because Jason Statham is in it - and so is Charisma Carpenter!). We were in bed by midnight!

Sunday activities:

  • hike
  • grocery store
  • dinner at the Brew Kettle (delicious!)
  • (cheap) beers at Buffalo Wild Wings
Last week's workouts:
  • Monday: 5 miles, intervals
  • Tuesday: yoga
  • Wednesday: 4-mile race
  • Thursday: 3 miles
  • Friday: rest
  • Saturday: 11.5 miles
  • Sunday: 2.33 hike, 15 strength
This week's workout plan:
  • Monday: rest or easy run in the neighborhood (or maybe some yoga? TIGHT hips)
  • Tuesday: morning run if I don't run tonight + yoga
  • Wednesday: group run (6ish miles)
  • Thursday: strength, maybe a walk or hike?
  • Friday: long run (10-12 miles)
  • Saturday: rest
  • Sunday: rest

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