Monday, July 23, 2012

A workout machine.

Last week was decent:

Monday: 5-mile interval run (in 90+ degrees!)
Tuesday: 1-hour yoga, 1-mile hill walk, 15-minute elliptical
Wednesday: 6-mile run
Thursday: 2.75-mile hill run (treadmill, level 10)
Friday: 3-mile hike
Saturday: 12.25-mile long run
Sunday: MUCH-NEEDED day of rest

I ran 26 miles, did intervals or hills for 7.75 of the 26, and walked or hiked 4 miles. I did hit yoga once. Mostly, a success. And it never ends. Plan for this week:

Monday: 5- to 6-mile interval run
Tuesday: yoga
Wednesday: 6-mile run
Thursday: something!
Friday: 2- to 3-mile walk or hike
Saturday: 11-mile long run
Sunday: rest

I bought a couple of yoga magazines to help me out with at-home practice. Clearly yoga is my favorite form of strength-training, although I'm going to try to hit the machines at least a little bit whenever I'm in the gym.

Tomorrow, I might not have time for any extra at the gym, though, because Aaron and I going to see Best Coast at Beachland. We're carpooling to work, and he'll pick me up at the gym on the way up to Cleveland. Should be a fun night of California surf rock and pretty melodies.

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