Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hot intervals!

Last night's run nearly killed me, I think. It was still 90+ degree after work, but I guess I wasn't thinking clearly when I decided 6 miles of intervals were a good idea. (I did carry water, which I hate doing, but the Camelbak seemed like overkill and no water seemed stupid.)

I went with the 30-second sprint followed by 5 minutes of easy running (or some walking last night!) because that's kind of a fun workout. I figured Sand Run would be a good place with its rolling hills and pleasant surface. The first half went pretty well, but I fell apart in the second half! The last 1.5 miles were largely walked as my cooldown.

Regardless, it was decent run, finishing in just under 67 minutes. Considering the heat and the walking, I'm definitely okay with that.

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