Friday, July 20, 2012

Like everyone else, I'm ready for the weekend.

This has been a good week for working out, and my tired body is feeling it.

That's one interval workout (Monday) and one hill workout (last night), plus yoga and some other cross-training. Today is a scheduled rest day, although I'm thinking a walk might be a good idea. Tomorrow is 12 miles. TWELVE MILES. That's far.

Other weekend activities: Hang out with Aaron's brother and retrieve a bike from Aaron's dad's garage so that we can take it to Columbus next weekend. I'm glad we're staying put this weekend. I don't care that we're missing Vintage Motorcycle Days because my bank account is protesting all of the spending that I've been doing.

(With that said, definitely no rally in Detroit and only one fall half-marathon, still tbd. Racing and rallying is taking its toll.)

In other news, I test-drove a 2010 Volkswagen GTI last night. LOVED IT.

Except that it's white. Deal-breaker.

Source: Cascade Auto Group
(And although the monthly payment would have been acceptable, the requisite winter wheels/tires purchase and the most-assuredly higher insurance costs would not have been acceptable right now.)


Source: Cascade Auto Group
But it's white. I vowed no more white cars. It's not even a metallic white.

So we're sticking with the Subaru, which I still like and does not need anything. I'm okay with that. But the GTI remains on my list when I go to replacing it (the list also includes Mini, Fiat Abarth, BRZ, BRZ and Mazda Speed3).

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