Monday, June 11, 2012

Scooter-worthy van

We finally found our van in April.

OSU originally owned the van, which was a 15-passenger van that OSU converted into a cargo van. That's perfect for us - great for hauling, but it has windows. OSU removed all of the seats, but we purposely sought out the extended version so that we could run one row of seats. Aaron found a dude on CL that had tons of seats for Econolines, and now we have an extended van with one row of seats. (That guy converts passenger vans into school vans, which apparently require different seats than the ones that come stock. If my memory serves of school vans, the original seats are probably safer!)

On Sunday, I ran 5 miles in the Lorain County Metro Park while Aaron modified the van to haul the scooters inside. The van already had a plywood floor, so after some brainstorming, he installed the wheel chocks and track, and we're ready to go!

We're hauling out his brother's trailer to Band Camp, so we hooked it up and took it home yesterday. It's small behind the van!

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