Tuesday, June 05, 2012

June Setup

June needs to see some more cross-training, huh? And I'd like to see the mileage increase, although my long runs won't be that long this month. I scheduled another half-marathon, this time the bitch of a race that's in Parkersburg, WV. In August. So it's going to be a hilly, humid, hot bitch.

But friends are running it, so that's fun. And this race is not for PRing. Definitely not. That'll come in October.

Anyhow, my plan for June, again not worrying too much about mileage, but hoping to hit around 90:

16 runs (already 3 runs in and it's the 5th)
4 hikes
8 yoga or strength

To be a little more specific, of those 16 runs, there should be at least 4 speed, tempo or hill-specific workouts. That's one specific workout a week. Ideally, I would do four weekly runs:

1 long
1 trail
1 easy
1 speed, hill or tempo

Again, nothing crazy here, but it does require more effort than I've been putting forth.

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