Tuesday, June 05, 2012

May Recap

93.11 total miles
86.11 running miles
3 other workouts (2 yoga, 1 abs) → PATHETIC
2 races (1 half-marathon and 1 5k)

You know what's sad? I already have more strength-training in June than I did in May. On Saturday, after our short run/walk around Milwaukee to explore and drink coffee, I did pushups, ab work, lunges, etc., while Aaron showered. And yesterday - Monday! - I could still feel the after-effects of the pushups. Again, I think the word "pathetic" is applicable.

So here was my not-crazy plan for May:

14 runs → 18 runs, so big-time √
4 hikes → 4 walks or hikes, so √
8 yoga or strength → FAIL, FAIL, FAIL

Sometimes I think I overthink (haha) the strength-training. What I did in the hotel room this weekend was definitely worthwhile and didn't take that much time. Sure, maybe it should have been more comprehensive, but waiting until I feel like I have time to do a proper workout certainly isn't working.

Maybe it's time to go back to basics.

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