Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Things change

Scratch yesterday's plan. I did stretch, foam-roll and ice, but I didn't run at all. That was more laziness and resting, but then, last night, my right hip started hurting. FOR NO REASON. This is the same hip that's been achy on runs longer than 6 miles.

I'm also hoping that the pain this morning is from working it on the foam roller last night.

I've been looking around for massages, but I haven't done anything. I think maybe it's time. I was reading about massage therapy and foam rolling, and I buy into it.

I'm really upset about this and hope it's not a persistent issue. (And there's this other part of me that just wonders if I'm being a wimp.) So tonight's plan is to run and do yoga. I have class at 5, and depending on how work goes, I may run 3 before, after or - if things feel good - both.

Cross your fingers!

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