Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Monday night's icing, stretching and foam-rolling may have left me sore yesterday (at least that's what I was hoping). I spent most of the day at work trying to stretch and trying not to worry. It wasn't debilitating, so I decided to go to yoga and do a little running anyhow. I popped an Aleve and got to the gym early for 2 easy miles on the treadmill. I was feeling fine, so yoga was a go. I felt reasonably good so I did 2 miles post-yoga. (I was kind of hoping for some hip-openers, but oh well.)

I didn't experience any hip pain while running, although when I was walking to the car, it was achy. I iced when I got home, and I stretched and foam-rolled/tennis-balled a little later on. (I probably should have rolled my right foot to work out that plantar fascia a bit.)

And today I am practically pain-free! I am looking into massage therapy (NOT interested in chiropracty, though). I have some good leads, but I am just SO BAD at making appointments. (Check out my hair to see that.)

Tonight, I have 5 miles with the group, so hopefully I can just take it easy and not worry about going fast. I think any speed runs are out for this week. I also have the Camelbak - and the bladder! - so I can continue my quest to get used to wearing the pack.

I am really boring, aren't I?

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