Monday, March 26, 2012

New habits

I am trying to get used to running with the Camelbak (carrying it even on runs when I don't need it), but my inability to remember the bladder is annoying. Both Friday and today, I packed the pack itself and readied the bladder - and then forgot to take the bladder with me. Gah!

I guess I won't run with the Camelbak after work tonight. (It makes no sense to go all the way home to get the bladder just to run 6 miles.)

Making new habits is hard. It's taken me a while, but this running thing is pretty much a habit (although the increased distance has pretty much eliminated morning runs; I suspect as the weather warms up, I'll get back into those morning runs). What still isn't quite habit: stretching (especially after runs), foam rolling, icing and strength-training. That's a lot.

And I'm trying to get in the habit of eating better. I'm hoping to see a correlation between what I'm eating and drinking and how well I run. I'm not sure how I want to track this - I'm kind of an electronic person, but sometimes pen and paper works better. I don't think I need to get all fancy and use Live Strong and measure everything - that's not really my goal. (Plus, I went into Live Strong today, and it pissed me off because I think the calorie counts are way too low.)

I suppose I could use this blog to log what I'm eating and how my workouts feel, but I don't know that I'll actually review it if it's online. I have to run errands at lunch, so maybe I'll buy a new notebook that I can record stuff in.

I'm always afraid of pen and paper, though - I would be so embarrassed if, say, I lost it and my coworkers or friends found it. I could keep the notebook by the bed and use it at night right before going to sleep; I could use the iPhone/iPad notes app to record things during the day. That's an idea... I'd have to make it, you know, a habit.

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