Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekly Schedule

Friday night, I ran 8 miles after work, and it wasn't great. I'm getting some right hip pain after 6 miles lately, but I've done little to fix it. I think ice baths will be coming back.

This week is ambitious for me because of next weekend:

Monday: run 6 miles, stretch/foam roll
Tuesday: yoga, run 3 miles
Wednesday: run 6 miles with the group, stretch
Thursday: GOTR, so maybe 1-2 miles running, stretch
Friday: rest
Saturday: run 10 miles with the group, stretch/foam roll/ice bath
Sunday: run 5 miles (Towpath 5-Mile Race), stretch/foam roll

Hopefully I can do tonight's 6 miles quickly. It won't be warm - 40ish degrees - so I won't have that excuse :)

Notice there's only one day of yoga and no other strength-training. How about I make it a goal to get one day of strength-training in there too? Wednesday or Friday is my best bet, but I'll have to be careful if I do it on Friday - big weekend. I should do it Thursday, but I'm not sure when - before work would be ideal because I won't want to do it after GOTR.

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