Monday, March 12, 2012

It's the weekend wrap-up!

No complaints about this weekend.

Friday night: Stayed in, made tortellini with homemade tomato sauce. Drank a beer and went to bed early.

Saturday morning: 8-mile run with the group. The best thing about this is that I took it easy, had negative splits and felt like I could have kept going.

Saturday afternoon: The Ohio Pinball Show. Not really somewhere I thought I'd ever go, but we had friends from Columbus who were coming up for it, so we figured we'd stop by. And then we ran into another friend (from Pittsburgh, this time). Who would have thought so many people were into pinball? Also, there was a ton of BO in that place.

And Aaron played the biggest pinball machine ever, the Hercules.

Saturday evening: Dinner at Old Carolina (finished off the gift certificates I won from there) followed by a couple of beers and the watching of OU beat Akron to get to the NCAA tournament. Woohoo! (I was in an Akron bar watching the game, so I felt a little alone in my super-cute Ohio University retro-style t-shirt.

Sunday: Up early to get the Triumphs out of hibernation. It was beautiful out! We ate lunch at Earth Fare, rode out to Brunswick to look at a van, got coffee at Nervous Dog and then headed home. We helped a friend move a couch, I bought two more dresses from Revival (this one and a resale one) and then met Aaron's dad for dinner at PF Chang's. Then we followed that up with a trip to Menchies. Such a nice day.

The only thing lacking this weekend was some really good beer. Friday night, I drank an Ithaca Cold Front, which is really tasty, but Saturday, we slummed it with cheap Miller Lite. At least we followed that up with Delirium Noel when we came home. There won't be much beer this week - gearing up for Saturday's half-marathon - but there will probably be plenty of beer afterward on Saturday. It is St. Patrick's Day, after all.

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