Friday, March 09, 2012

Hello, weekend.

I am so ready for the weekend! I feel like I've been really good about going to bed early, but I still feel exhausted. My little taper should have helped, right? I'm only running three times this week. It should have been four, but oh well. It was pouring last night (so GOTR was inside - boo!), so no run last night (I did a Crunch yoga/pilates video thanks to Netflix though). I'll end up with about 18 miles, which is a big step down from last week's 29.

Next week, I'll probably run twice before Saturday's race. Nothing crazy. Hope the weather cooperates and that I can run at Sand Run on Monday night.

We received our corrall info for the race, and Aaron and I are in different ones :( He put his expected finish time at 2:05, while mine is at 2:10.

Honestly, I'm doubtful I'll hit that time, but 2:15 will be good enough, right? Or 2:20. Or whatever.

Speaking of Aaron, guess it's time adjust our diet a little bit. His cholesterol is high, his LDL is high. I've read a lot in the past, and I'm not quite convinced that dietary cholesterol has that much of an impact. It's research time! He does have a history of heart disease, so I'm not inclined to ignore the elevated results. He goes back in four months for retesting, so maybe we'll make a difference by then.

In the meantime, I scheduled an appointment for my annual physical. I haven't had my bloodwork done in two years, so I'm curious to see where I stand. Last time, the doctor said my stats were better than his, and he's rather fit, so I'll take it as a compliment.

I hope they're better now.

In any case (talk about a weak transition), it's been a busy week, and next week is going to feel crazier. Working from a hotel room before the big race. No kitties :( Need to get plenty of sleep to prepare!

And Aaron can have a beer this weekend! He's been on antibiotics that react quite negatively to alcohol, so it's been 10 days of no beer. An afternoon trip to Thirsty Dog might be in store, although we have friends coming up for the Ohio Pinball Show (yeah, I just heard of it too) so that might trump Thirsty Dog.

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