Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I love the auto show!

I love the auto show. I don't know why - I'm seldom ever shopping for anything. I like to sit in things I will never buy (or could never afford). It's fun.

This weekend, Aaron and I went to the show with his dad. My favorites:
  • Fiat Abarth
  • Mini Cooper - Coupe
  • Mini Cooper - Countryman
  • Audi A4 Allroad Avant
  • Subaru BRZ
Seriously, after seeing the Fiat Abarth (which is more than just an appearance package!), it's moved up my list. There's talk of getting rid of the Subaru (which I love) after we buy a van.

Of course, we have to find the van first. Cargo van (probably Ford Econoline), windows, not beat all to hell. It's pretty difficult. But after that, we wouldn't really need to the Subaru - it's bigger than what I usually need as a daily driver. Plus, I really like small cars.

The Abarth editions aren't quite out yet - I think the dude said they'd get theirs in April - but I really need to test drive one. And then I need to make my way to the Mini dealership and test drive. I suspect that, overall, I'll prefer the Mini Coopers, but the Fiat is more affordable.

And I can't wait until the BRZ is at dealerships. The car was inaccessible at the show, but Aaron'll let me know when they're at the dealership. Definitely looking forward to trying that.

I've always loved the Allroad (they used to be A6s in the US), so I was excited to see the new Allroad. No price, but I'm sure they're out of my price range. I can't afford an A3, so an A4 Allroad is out of the question. Looks like they're going to be loaded.

Volvo wasn't there, which was disappointing because I wanted to sit in the C30 again.
Love those little hatchbacks.

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