Friday, February 10, 2012

Weekly Workouts

I wouldn't call this week's workouts a success, but they weren't really a failure either.

Monday - 30 minutes at-home yoga
Tuesday - run 4 miles (fast for me!)
Wednesday - run 3 miles with the HM group
Thursday and Friday - nothing, pathetic, embarrassed
Saturday - run 5 miles definitely; maybe tack on another 6 depending on the weather
Sunday - run 3 or 4 if the 11 was done Saturday; otherwise, run 11

I'm a little cranky this week, so when I left work a little late on Thursday, it was easy to say I didn't have time to work out before the beer thing at the Rail. And today is busy - work, a couple of errands and then the new 911 launch party at Aaron's dealership. Plus, I don't really want to run tonight if I'm running 5 or 11 miles tomorrow.

The weather looks atrocious for tomorrow, btw.

Wednesday was my first time with the beginner half-marathon group. I think the three miles went pretty well. I ran with the tail of the pack, and I'm in decent enough condition for that. Yay! Looking forward to Saturday even if the weather chooses not to cooperate. I wonder how much the weather will affect Saturday's turnout. I know that a couple of the women are doing their long runs on Sunday - they may be joined by others, I bet!

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