Monday, February 13, 2012

Winter sucks.

Thanks, winter. This weekend was a workout fail.

Saturday, we ended up late to the group run because the roads were kind of bad. We caught up with the group at the turnaround point - and I was SO GLAD. Between the snow and the short warmup, I was ready to slow down a bit. But five miles was all we had in us on Saturday. It was super-windy and snowing and getting worse, so we just called it after the group run.

And then went to Panera and the running store (new shoes and a new pair of cold weather gloves).

We considered running our prescribed 11 miles on Sunday, but 15 degrees and snow was just TOO COLD. (I can't believe I have a half-marathon in a month. I'm really concerned it's going to be my worst time yet.)

Oh well. Tonight, I'll run after work at the gym, distance is still TBD. And yoga hopefully tomorrow. Group run on Wednesday. Run on Thursday. Rest on Friday. Group run (5 miles) on Saturday + 6 miles for the week's long run. Again, the weekend running is dependent on the weather. Oh yeah, and some strength-training or something in there too.

I'm pretty pissed at myself for not getting to the gym yesterday, though.

We'll just pretend that last week was a prescribed cut-back week and move on.

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