Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Night Stalker

Aaron and I are so romantic! Valentine's Day was spent sharing a bottle of Goose Island's Night Stalker stout and watching The Road (talk about a bleak movie! I should do a movie vs. book post).

But let's talk about the Night Stalker.

the original night stalker
We really bought it because Aaron calls Dallas the night stalker. See, we feed the boys (Winston, primarily) in the computer room. Dallas eats downstairs, but she's very sneaky and on more than one occasion, she's snuck (not a real word, I suppose) into the room when Aaron wasn't watching (or, more accurately, when Aaron was practically sleepwalking to feed the boys). She proceeds to eat all of Winston's food (and then vomit because she's gross).

I've never been a huge fan of Goose Island's regular beers, but some its special or seasonal beers have been pretty good when I've had them at tastings. I tend not to get them in bars because they are expensive.

picture from The Perfectly Happy Man
In any case, the Night Stalker is an imperial stout (11.7%!) that paired nicely with my tiny container of Ben & Jerry's chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. It's pretty smooth - I didn't find it to be bitter at all. It doesn't have a ton of chocolate or coffee flavors, just deep maltiness and roasted flavors.

It's not as good as, say, Hoppin' Frog's BORIS the Crusher (which is an oatmeal imperial stout), but it's pretty good. And it's retired - last packaged in 2011. I feel like I should check the bottle date. Apparently this is a good beer to age - and it likely was already aged!

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