Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Aaron at Thirsty Dog
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My parents are the sweetest! They sent me a Valentine's Day card with $25 so we could go out for a beer. So we did.

On Saturday, after being super-productive, we rewarded ourselves with a late-afternoon trip to Thirsty Dog Brewing. Two Saturdays in a row - it's becoming a habit! First round, Aaron had the Stud Service stout and I had the Bicentennial ale. The Bicentennial is kind of neat because I think it's the first pale ale that Thirsty Dog has done. Thirsty Dog brewed it for the city of Cuyahoga Falls in celebration of its - you guessed it - bicentennial.

Then, finally, the keg of Thirsty Dog's pumpkin beer kicked, and the bartender put on the beloved (to me, at least) saison. Aaron probably had another beer, but I don't remember - the saison is that important to me.

Following these delicious beers, it was time for dinner, so off to Old Carolina we went - I love getting the turkey and brisket minis.

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