Monday, February 27, 2012

Did I even plan last week?

Oh, who knows. I ended up with just over 25 miles for the week (!) and one yoga session. Not the best as far as cross-training goes, but I'm okay with the four runs. Saturday's long run was a bitch, but I kept reminding myself that it'll make me stronger. The weather was awful, but I ended up with 11-minute miles. I'm okay with that.

Last summer, my 12-mile runs were closer to 12-minute miles.

This week, much of the same:

Monday: run 6 miles (intervals)
Tuesday: yoga, run 3 miles (easy)
Wednesday: run 4 miles (group)
Thursday: run 3-4 miles (easy)
Friday: rest
Saturday: run 13 miles (1/2 with group)
Sunday: rest - but I really should get to the gym!

Nice how I really mix in cross-training, huh?

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