Tuesday, February 21, 2012

28 miles - not all at once, though.

I ran 28 miles last week. I'm pretty sure that's the most I've ever run in a single week. So go me. (Although I failed on strength-training. Again.)

This week's plan:

Monday: run 6 miles, moderate
Tuesday: yoga, run 3-4 miles, easy
Wednesday: strength, run 4 miles, easy
Thursday: rest or run 3-4 miles, moderate
Friday: rest or run 3-4 miles, easy
Saturday: run 5-6 miles with the group, run 5-6 afterward
Sunday: rest or strength

I definitely know how to fit in my rest days.

We're getting really close to the half-marathon, and I continue to worry that I will not do as well as I should do. And I already worry about the fact that I know I will be the last of my friends to finish, and that's just depressing. They'll be on their sixth beers by the time I finish! Totally kidding because I don't think they'll be drinking quite yet.

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