Monday, February 27, 2012

The weekend in beer

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I consumed a few beers this weekend (of course), but nothing crazy. Of note, however, are the following:
  • Founders Breakfast Stout - (home) This is hardly new to me, but a delicious post-dinner, pre-bed treat (paired with two Tagalongs) on Friday night. I consider this proper fueling for a long run. The price of this has come down in the past couple of years, which is awesome. It used to be about $15 or $16 for a four-pack, and now it's about $12.
  • Nogne Saison - (101 Bottles) I tend to like Saisons, although I don't have them very often. They tend to be expensive, but I figure if you're only having a beer or two, it's worth it to get something good. This saison is from Norway, and it was really good. I'm not all that familiar with the style, but I think this one might have been a little more bitter than they typically are. Heavier on the citrus than the spice, but definitely different from a wheat beer. I loved it.
  • Evil Twin Soft Dookie - (101 Bottles) This was my delicious dessert beer on Saturday night. This is kind of a dangerous beer in that it's an imperial stout, but I couldn't taste the alcohol at all. Very smooth. Not super-sweet. While you can pick out the coffee and chocolate, the vanilla is a little stronger, leading to a pretty smooth stout. I could drink it all night long. And then die from the next day's hangover, I'm sure.
I just love all of the unusual, tasty beers I can get at 101 Bottles in Kent. They're usually on the pricey side, but they're also often rare. Many times, it's something I've never seen before from breweries I've never even heard of. We had four beers, and the check, before tip, was $24. But it's worth it. Aaron agrees (the snifter is my Soft Dookie, and the sorta pilsner glass is actually Mojo Risin' from Boulder Brewing on nitro, which was really, really nice):


Sunday was the auto show with Aaron and his father, and in our annual tradition, we hit up Cornerstone Brewing afterward. Cornerstone doesn't tend to play in the super-high-alcohol sandbox, but they do develop good session beers. We had a couple of their seasonals (the Wallace Wheat is a greatwheat beer actually - not heavy on the sweetness or banana, definitely not playing around in the Belgian territory, but it had a really nice flavor with just enough hops).

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