Monday, January 30, 2012

Took the plunge!

I finally did it. I finally bought an iPhone 4S. I kept putting it off, and then on Friday, my phone finally bit it. It still sort of works, but its functions are quite limited. So yesterday, we headed to the Verizon store. I was set on the iPhone. I have an iPod Touch and an iPad, so I'm really comfortable with the Apple operating system. Aside from the shitty auto-correct, I like the way it functions. (The auto-complete on the LG phone is the only thing that phone did right. It works so much better than Apple's. Apple's is dumb.)

Aaron looked at some phones, too, but he really doesn't want to spend the money right now (and after his root canal/abscess, I don't blame him). He really struggles with spending money on phones. Unfortunately the Verizon store didn't have any iPhones in stock, so I'm waiting for my phone - and hoping it arrives before I go to SF. If not, oh well. I'll survive. (I suppose I could have gone to the Apple store to buy the phone, but the guy at Verizon had spent a bunch of time with us, so he deserved the sale.)

Man, I spent some serious money last week - 32GB iPhone and 4 new tires for the Subaru. Broke now.

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