Monday, January 30, 2012

My first trail race!

Saturday was my first trail race, and it was a prediction run. (It was part of the Dirty Trail Series.)

I predicted wrong. Oh well.

But to start off, I had planned to run 5 miles before the race and then run the 5 miles of the race. Again, I was wrong. It was snowing, so it took me longer to get to the trail on Saturday morning. So I only ran 4 miles before the race. Then, it turns out, the race was 4.something and not 5 miles. Again, oh well. It was fun!

But it was hard. I don't do much trail running - and I should totally do more - and it was messy. My Vasques are so, so dirty. I don't know when I'm going to get them out to clean them off. Sunday? In any case, trail running is HARD, and it is FUN. And slow. At the very least, I could hit the trail at Goodyear more often. There are more trail races around, so I'm definitely going to do another.

I did pretty well last week with my workout planning (and I'm still a little sore from Thursday's strength-training session - gah!). This week will be a little trickier because I'm going to San Francisco on Wednesday and coming back on the red-eye Friday night. But here's the plan:

Monday: run 4 miles
Tuesday: yoga
Wednesday: run 6 miles
Thursday: run 3 miles, in-hotel-room yoga?
Friday: run 3 miles, strength
Saturday: rest
Sunday: run 10 miles

Nice plan. Wish me luck!

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