Thursday, January 12, 2012

Stupid 2012

I'm going through that stage where I'm considering nixing this little blog. Since I have DailyMile and a Google Docs spreadsheet, I'm not really using this to look back at my workouts (which, in 2012, have been PATHETIC). Does this place help me think things through? Record anything? It's nice to recap races and rallies, but I've been doing a poor job of that too. (I still have pictures on my camera from Scoot-a-Que. Bad. And I still have that Punkin Chunkin post ready to go as soon as I have the pictures off my camera. I really would be better if I had a phone that took halfway decent pictures.)

In other news, I've run three times in 12 days. Terrible. I think I have 14 miles for the month. Woohoo, on course for 30 miles in January. Stellar start to 2012.

Sarcasm. But I have done yoga once and strength-training once, which isn't a terrible start. (Hoping to have time to do strength tonight before heading to Parkersburg. We'll see. I have an offsite meeting at 3 today - visiting the studio where our photo shoot's going to be! - and I might get home a little early. Here's hoping.)

Anyhow, I still have chest congestion, and mornings are largely spent coughing up gross stuff. After the requisite coughing and blowing my nose, I ran 4 miles this morning (at 11+ minutes per mile). We're hoping to do 8 this weekend in Durham - god, how early am I going to have to get up to get that done before the rally breakfast?!

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