Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wrapping Up

This weekend, we went to Durham for Freeze Your Balls Off. For the second year in a row, we went sans scooters. Boo. But it was chilly, and I was glad to not be riding at night! (However, if we'd had scooters, we wouldn't have drank on Friday night and getting up Saturday morning to run would have happened. Lesson learned.)

As I've said before, this month has been a disaster as far as working out goes. I ran 11 miles last week (that's two runs) and did two strength-training sessions. I'm feeling better, and I don't have any trips - so this week should be better!

Monday: run 4 miles, strength-train (check!)
Tuesday: yoga
Wednesday: run 5 miles
Thursday: yoga or strength-train or rest
Friday: run 4 miles (+ strength-train if Thursday is a rest day)
Saturday: rest
Sunday: run 9 miles

Nothing crazy there, so we'll see how that works out. I think about rewarding myself, but any rewards I really want cost money - and I need to be a little more careful with my money. I have a big project in the VBB coming up, and I need to finish up the C70 (but hopefully I can sell that and make a little money on it). Right now I'm having a little battle about my wisdom teeth removal, but that *should* be rectified without issue.

Luckily the Stella, smallie and the Triumph are pretty much dialed in and working okay. The scooters both need a few things, but I've already have those items. Triumph is rock-solid now.

Then there's the smartphone I want to buy (probably a 32GB iPhone 4S) and the added cost of a monthly data plan. See? Lots of money, and we haven't even considered a summer trip to Denver and a winter trip to Phoenix. And tires for the Subaru. And a windshield for the Hyundai. And various house things.

So no vintage motorcycle in 2012. No new/additional motorcycle at all. 2013 might be the year I sell the Stella, although it's not like that would be a huge money-maker.

And I should probably closely evaluate any races or rallies I want to go to. Things are never as inexpensive as you think they'll be. (I'm getting over my "fear of missing out" so that's helpful as I try to stay home and stay in more.)

This is depressing.

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