Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Running in 2012

I ran 737 miles in 2011. Not too shabby (although reading my recent Runners World showed me how NOT elite I will ever be! Can you imagine running 120 miles/week? I haven't even hit that in a month yet, although I suspect I will).

I also ran 11 races in 2011: 5 5ks, 1 10k, 1 9k, 1 4m, 1 5m, and 2 HMs. I've gotten a tiny bit faster, but nothing consistent. My mileage increased and then decreased.

But I can do better. At 85 miles per month, I'll be over 1,000 miles in a year, so that's my goal. Of course, I only had two months last year that were over that.

In any case, I have two half-marathons in mind, and I want to PR both of them:

March - National Half Marathon - aiming for 2:10
October - Towpath Half Marathon - aiming for 2:05

(The Cleveland half-marathon will be one where I'm there more as support.)

I would really like to work on speed in 2012. I probably need a running coach, but that's out of my budget. (I could also use a personal trainer, which is, again, out of my price range.) Guess I have to rely on my own willpower.

I'm in trouble.

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