Monday, January 02, 2012

Happy New Year!

So I'm a little late, but that's okay. I'm spending the day of our holiday shutdown relaxing. In between watching episodes of Buffy and reading, I managed a three-mile run in the snow.

We spent NYE at our friends' new house in Columbus. It was fun, although I accidentally drank more than I intended. This whole "not chewing" thing caused me to not eat enough. No harm done.

And now I'm chewing! I'm still a little iffy around chips or crust, but otherwise, back to normal (although I probably eat a little slower). It'd be nice if this could result in a new attitude about food. I am looking forward to a salad tonight - haven't had one in forever!

Last week, I also had the good fortune to spend some time with Kat and her boyfriend in Pittsburgh. I won an Xbox Kinect at the company's holiday party, so I sold it to her. And then we went shopping! My wardrobe is hurting big time - too many days of me wearing scooter rally t-shirts to work - so I picked up a few basics.

And I got new Chucks! I think this was the only somewhat frivolous item.

And amazingly enough, I only bought one piece of running gear (new tights from the Nike Factory Store).

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