Friday, January 27, 2012

Ambitious day ahead!

After Sunday's atrocious run, I ended up taking two days off from running. Wednesday night, I had a great 6-mile run at Sand Run after work, and last night, I had a good easy 4-mile run mixed with weight training.

Here's how I'm doing with my weekly plan thus far:

Monday rest or strength or yoga rest
Tuesday run 4 miles, yoga yoga
Wednesday run 5 miles run 6 miles
Thursday rest or strength or yoga run 4 miles + strength
Friday run 4 miles easy rest (much-needed!), but maybe yoga after work?
Saturday 8k trail race for sure, but I should tack on 5ish miles beforehand to hit the long run for the week 5 miles, then 8k trail race for about 10 miles
Sunday rest rest or 3 miles easy

I really should try to fit in some yoga tonight. My hips are pretty tight. (And my arms are sore today! It actually hurt putting the car into first gear. Pathetic. I need to work harder.) But really, it's that plan for Saturday that could be tricky. But the stars have aligned so that I have no excuses. Our friends were going to come up tonight, but now they're coming up tomorrow - so I have no excuse for not going to bed early. The race doesn't start until 10, so I'm meeting another friend at 8:30 at the exact trail where I had planned to do the 5 miles beforehand (hope it's not too deep). The race is at a different trail with limited parking, so we're carpooling. If I get to the first trail by 7:30, I should have absolutely no trouble warming up and getting in 5 miles before meeting my friend.

It's not the ideal long run since it's split into two sections and there will be an hour and half between them, but it will definitely test my body's ability, as well as my mental toughness. So I think it's a good replacement for this week's 10-mile long run.

And if I can persuade myself to run 3 easy miles on Sunday, that would be excellent (but not necessary). Aaron may be down for that. He's been out of commission this week with an infection (he got a root canal yesterday, although he still has to go back to finish that up and then go back again to get a crown). Poor guy - so much pain!

In any case, I must take this seriously if I don't want to completely embarrass myself at the Rock 'n' Roll Half-Marathon in March.

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